Publicaciones de los grupos de investigación del IIB-INTECH

Año 2017

Almada, E., Tonucci, F. M., Hidalgo, F., Ferretti, A., Ibarra, S., Pariani, A., Vena, R., Favre, C., Girardini, J., Kierbel, A. and Larocca, M. C.
Akap350 Recruits Eb1 to The Spindle Poles, Ensuring Proper Spindle Orientation and Lumen Formation in 3d Epithelial Cell Cultures.
Scientific Reports 7(1): 14894 (2017)
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Alonso, C. A. I., Osycka-Salut, C. E., Castellano, L., Cesari, A., Di Siervi, N., Mutto, A., Johannisson, A., Morrell, J. M., Davio, C. and Perez-Martinez, S.
Extracellular cAMP activates molecular signalling pathways associated with sperm capacitation in bovines.
Molecular Human Reproduction 23(8): 521-534 (2017)
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Andreatta, M., Alvarez, B. and Nielsen, M.
GibbsCluster: unsupervised clustering and alignment of peptide sequences.
Nucleic Acids Research : en prensa (2017)
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Andreatta, M., Jurtz, V. I., Kaever, T., Sette, A., Peters, B. and Nielsen, M.
Machine learning reveals a non-canonical mode of peptide binding to MHC class II molecules.
Immunology 152(2): 255-264 (2017)
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Arriola Benitez, P. C., Pesce Viglietti, A. I., Herrmann, C. K., Dennis, V. A., Comerci, D. J., Giambartolomei, G. H. and Delpino, M. V.
Brucella abortus promotes a fibrotic phenotype in hepatic stellate cells with concomitant autophagy pathway activation.
Infection and Immunity : en prensa (2017)
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Ballare, C. L.
Phytochrome Responses: Think Globally, Act Locally.
Trends in Plant Science : en prensa (2017)
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Ballare, C. L. and Pierik, R.
The shade-avoidance syndrome: multiple signals and ecological consequences.
Plant, Cell & Environment : en prensa (2017)
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Balouz, V., Agüero, F. and Buscaglia, C.A.
Chagas Disease Diagnostic Applications: Present Knowledge and Future Steps.
Advances in Parasitology 97: 1-45 (2017)
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Balouz, V., Melli, L. J., Volcovich, R., Moscatelli, G., Moroni, S., Gonzalez, N., Ballering, G., Bisio, M., Ciocchini, A., Buscaglia, C. A. and Altcheh, J.
The Trypomastigote Small Surface Antigen from Trypanosoma cruzi improves treatment evaluation and diagnosis in pediatric Chagas disease.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 55(12): 3444-3453 (2017)
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Bastias, D. A., Martinez-Ghersa, M. A., Ballare, C. L. and Gundel, P. E.
Epichloe Fungal Endophytes and Plant Defenses: Not Just Alkaloids.
Trends in Plant Science : en prensa (2017)
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Bertucci, J. I., Blanco, A. M., Canosa, L. F. and Unniappan, S.
Direct actions of macronutrient components on goldfish hepatopancreas in vitro to modulate the expression of ghr-I, ghr-II, igf-I and igf-II mRNAs.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 250: 1-8 (2017)
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Bertucci, J. I., Blanco, A. M., Canosa, L. F. and Unniappan, S.
Glucose, amino acids and fatty acids directly regulate ghrelin and NUCB2/nesfatin-1 in the intestine and hepatopancreas of goldfish (Carassius auratus) in vitro.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A: Molecular and Integrative Physiology 206: 24-35 (2017)
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Bertucci, J. I., Tovar, M. O., Blanco, A. M., Gomez-Requeni, P., Unniappan, S. and Canosa, L. F.
Influence of water salinity on genes implicated in somatic growth, lipid metabolism and food intake in Pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis).
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 210: 29-38 (2017)
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Bjerregaard, A. M., Nielsen, M., Hadrup, S. R., Szallasi, Z. and Eklund, A. C.
MuPeXI: prediction of neo-epitopes from tumor sequencing data.
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy : en prensa (2017)
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Blanco, A. M., Bertucci, J. I., Ramesh, N., Delgado, M. J., Valenciano, A. I. and Unniappan, S.
Ghrelin Facilitates GLUT2-, SGLT1- and SGLT2-mediated Intestinal Glucose Transport in Goldfish (Carassius auratus).
Scientific Reports 7: 45024 (2017)
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Blanco, A. M., Bertucci, J. I., Sanchez-Bretano, A., Delgado, M. J., Valenciano, A. I. and Unniappan, S.
Ghrelin modulates gene and protein expression of digestive enzymes in the intestine and hepatopancreas of goldfish (Carassius auratus) via the GHS-R1a: Possible roles of PLC/PKC and AC/PKA intracellular signaling pathways.
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 442: 165-181 (2017)
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Blanco, A. M., Bertucci, J. I., Valenciano, A. I., Delgado, M. J. and Unniappan, S.
Ghrelin suppresses cholecystokinin (CCK), peptide YY (PYY) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) in the intestine, and attenuates the anorectic effects of CCK, PYY and GLP-1 in goldfish (Carassius auratus).
Hormones and Behavior 93: 62-71 (2017)
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Blanco, A. M., Sundarrajan, L., Bertucci, J. I. and Unniappan, S.
Why goldfish? Merits and challenges in employing goldfish as a model organism in comparative endocrinology research.
General and Comparative Endocrinology : en prensa (2017)
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Cabrera, M.B., Bogan, S., Posadas, P., Somoza, G.M., Montoya-Burgos, J.I. and Cardoso, Y.
Risks associated with introduction of poeciliids for control of mosquito larvae: first record of the non-native Gambusia holbrooki in Argentina.
Journal of Fish Biology 91(2): 704-710 (2017)
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Camara, M. L. M., Canepa, G. E., Lantos, A. B., Balouz, V., Yu, H., Chen, X., Campetella, O., Mucci, J. and Buscaglia, C. A.
The Trypomastigote Small Surface Antigen (TSSA) regulates Trypanosoma cruzi infectivity and differentiation.
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11(8): e0005856 (2017)
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Camara, M., Bouvier, L., Reigada, C., Digirolamo, F. A., Saye, M. and Pereira, C. A.
A novel stage-specific glycosomal nucleoside diphosphate kinase from Trypanosoma cruzi.
Folia Parasitologica 64: en prensa (2017)
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Campo, V. A.
Comparative effects of histone deacetylases inhibitors and resveratrol on Trypanosoma cruzi replication, differentiation, infectivity and gene expression.
Int J Parasitol Drugs Drug Resist 7(1): 23-33 (2017)
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Carabelli, J., Quattrocchi, V., D’Antuono, A., Zamorano, P., Tribulatti, M.V. and Campetella, O.
Galectin-8 activates dendritic cells and stimulates antigen-specific immune response elicitation.
Journal of Leukocyte Biology : en prensa (2017)
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Carbo, N., Tarkowski, N., Ipina, E. P., Dawson, S. P. and Aguilar, P. S.
Sexual pheromone modulates the frequency of cytosolic Ca2+ bursts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Molecular Biology of the Cell 28(4): 501-510 (2017)
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Casabuono, A.C., Czibener, C., Del Giudice, M.G., Valguarnera, E., Ugalde, J.E. and Couto, A.S.
New Features in the Lipid A Structure of Brucella suis and Brucella abortus Lipopolysaccharide.
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry : en prensa (2017)
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Castillo, D. S. and Cassola, A.
Novel sensitive monoclonal antibody based competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of raw and processed bovine beta-casein.
PloS One 12(7): e0182447 (2017)
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Castillo, D. S., Rey Serantes, D. A., Melli, L. J., Ciocchini, A. E., Ugalde, J. E., Comerci, D. J. and Cassola, A.
A recombinant O-polysaccharide-protein conjugate approach to develop highly specific monoclonal antibodies to Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 and O145 serogroups.
PloS One 12(10): e0182452 (2017)
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Cerrudo, I., Caliri-Ortiz, M. E., Keller, M. M., Degano, M. E., Demkura, P. V. and Ballare, C. L.
Exploring growth-defence trade-offs in Arabidopsis: phytochrome B inactivation requires JAZ10 to suppress plant immunity but not to trigger shade-avoidance responses.
Plant, Cell & Environment 40(5): 635-644 (2017)
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Chalde, T. and Miranda, L. A.
Pituitary-thyroid axis development during the larval-juvenile transition in the pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis.
Journal of Fish Biology 91(3): 818-834 (2017)
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Corchuelo, S., Martinez, E. R. M., Butzge, A. J., Doretto, L. B., Ricci, J. M. B., Valentin, F. N., Nakaghi, L. S. O., Somoza, G. M. and Nobrega, R. H.
Characterization of Gnrh/Gnih elements in the olfacto-retinal system and ovary during zebrafish ovarian maturation.
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 450: 1-13 (2017)

Cortina, M.E., Novak, A., Melli, L.J., Elena, S., Corbera, N., Romero, J.E., Nicola, A.M., Ugalde, J.E., Comerci, D.J. and Ciocchini, A.E.
Development of improved enzyme-based and lateral flow immunoassays for rapid and accurate serodiagnosis of canine brucellosis.
Veterinary Microbiology 208: 174-180 (2017)
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Durante, I. M., La Spina, P. E., Carmona, S. J., Aguero, F. and Buscaglia, C. A.
High-resolution profiling of linear B-cell epitopes from mucin-associated surface proteins (MASPs) of Trypanosoma cruzi during human infections.
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11(9): e0005986 (2017)
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Elisio, M., Colonello, J., Cortés, F., Jaureguizar, A.J., Somoza, G.M. and Macchi, G.J.
Aggregations and reproductive events of the narrownose smooth hound shark, Mustelus schmitti, in relation to temperature and depth in coastal waters of the southwestern Atlantic Ocean.
Marine and Freshwater Research 68: 732-742 (2017)

Enciso, P., Decoppet, J. D., Gratzel, M., Worner, M., Cabrerizo, F. M. and Cerda, M. F.
A cockspur for the DSS cells: Erythrina crista-galli sensitizers.
Spectrochimica Acta. Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 176: 91-98 (2017)
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Escaray, F. J., Passeri, V., Perea-Garcia, A., Antonelli, C. J., Damiani, F., Ruiz, O. A. and Paolocci, F.
The R2R3-MYB TT2b and the bHLH TT8 genes are the major regulators of proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in the leaves of Lotus species.
Planta 246(2): 243-261 (2017)
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Fernandez-Brando, R. J., Amaral, M. M., Ciocchini, A. E., Bentancor, L. V., Trelles, J. A., Da Rocha, M., Landriel, M., Ugarte, M., Briones, G., Ibarra, C. and Palermo, M. S.
Microbiological and serological control of Escherichia coli O157: H7 in kindergarten staff in Buenos Aires city and suburban areas.
Medicina (Buenos Aires) 77(3): 185-190 (2017)
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Garcia, M. D., Formoso, K., Aparicio, G. I., Frasch, A. C. C. and Scorticati, C.
The Membrane Glycoprotein M6a Endocytic/Recycling Pathway Involves Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis and Affects Neuronal Synapses.
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 10: 296 (2017)
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Garriz, A., Del Fresno, P. S. and Miranda, L. A.
Exposure to E2 and EE2 environmental concentrations affect different components of the Brain-Pituitary-Gonadal axis in pejerrey fish (Odontesthes bonariensis).
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 144: 45-53 (2017)
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Gazquez, A. and Beemster, G. T. S.
What determines organ size differences between species? A meta-analysis of the cellular basis
New Phytologist 215(1): 299-308 (2017)
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Geertz-Hansen, H. M., Kiemer, L., Nielsen, M., Stanchev, K., Blom, N., Brunak, S. and Petersen, T. N.
Protein features as determinants of wild-type glycoside hydrolase thermostability.
Proteins : en prensa (2017)
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Gimenez, C. S., Locatelli, P., Montini Ballarin, F., Orlowski, A., Dewey, R. A., Pena, M., Abraham, G. A., Aiello, E. A., Bauza, M. D. R., Cuniberti, L., Olea, F. D. and Crottogini, A.
Aligned ovine diaphragmatic myoblasts overexpressing human connexin-43 seeded on poly (L-lactic acid) scaffolds for potential use in cardiac regeneration.
Cytotechnology : en prensa (2017)
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Gimeno, M. L., Fuertes, F., Barcala Tabarrozzi, A. E., Attorressi, A. I., Cucchiani, R., Corrales, L., Oliveira, T. C., Sogayar, M. C., Labriola, L., Dewey, R. A. and Perone, M. J.
Pluripotent Nontumorigenic Adipose Tissue-Derived Muse Cells have Immunomodulatory Capacity Mediated by Transforming Growth Factor-beta1.
Stem Cells Transl Med 6(1): 161-173 (2017)
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González, A., Fernandino, J.I., Hammond, G.L and Somoza, G.M.
Sex hormone binding globulin: Expression throughout early development and adult Pejerrey fish, Odontesthes bonariensis.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 247: 205-214 (2017)

Gonzalez, S. N., Valsecchi, W. M., Maugeri, D., Delfino, J. M. and Cazzulo, J. J.
Structure, kinetic characterization and subcellular localization of the two ribulose 5-phosphate epimerase isoenzymes from Trypanosoma cruzi.
PloS One 12(2): e0172405 (2017)
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Grisolia, M. J., Peralta, D. A., Valdez, H. A., Barchiesi, J., Gomez-Casati, D. F. and Busi, M. V.
The targeting of starch binding domains from starch synthase III to the cell wall alters cell wall composition and properties.
Plant Molecular Biology 93(1-2): 121-135 (2017)
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Hansen, C. S., Osterbye, T., Marcatili, P., Lund, O., Buus, S. and Nielsen, M.
ArrayPitope: Automated Analysis of Amino Acid Substitutions for Peptide Microarray-Based Antibody Epitope Mapping.
PLOS One 12(1): e0168453 (2017)
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Hielpos, M. S., Ferrero, M. C., Fernandez, A. G., Falivene, J., Vanzulli, S., Comerci, D. J. and Baldi, P. C.
Btp Proteins from Brucella abortus Modulate the Lung Innate Immune Response to Infection by the Respiratory Route.
Frontiers in Immunology 8: 1011 (2017)
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Hilton, H. G., McMurtrey, C. P., Han, A. S., Djaoud, Z., Guethlein, L. A., Blokhuis, J. H., Pugh, J. L., Goyos, A., Horowitz, A., Buchli, R., Jackson, K. W., Bardet, W., Bushnell, D. A., Robinson, P. J., Mendoza, J. L., Birnbaum, M. E., Nielsen, M., Garcia, K. C., Hildebrand, W. H. and Parham, P.
The Intergenic Recombinant HLA-B *46:01 Has a Distinctive Peptidome that Includes KIR2DL3 Ligands.
Cell Rep 19(7): 1394-1405 (2017)
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Huber, P., Diovisalvi, N., Ferraro, M., Metz, S., Lagomarsino, L., Llames, M. E., Royo-Llonch, M., Bustingorry, J., Escaray, R., Acinas, S. G., Gasol, J. M. and Unrein, F.
Phenotypic plasticity in freshwater picocyanobacteria.
Environmental Microbiology 19(3): 1120-1133 (2017)
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Hughes, L. C., Somoza, G. M., Nguyen, B. N., Bernot, J. P., Gonzalez-Castro, M., Diaz de Astarloa, J. M. and Orti, G.
Transcriptomic differentiation underlying marine-to-freshwater transitions in the South American silversides Odontesthes argentinensis and O. bonariensis (Atheriniformes).
Ecology and Evolution 7(14): 5258-5268 (2017)

Iriarte, L. S., Midlej, V., Frontera, L. S., Moros Duarte, D., Barbeito, C. G., de Souza, W., Benchimol, M., de Miguel, N. and Coceres, V. M.
TfVPS32 Regulates Cell Division in the Parasite Tritrichomonas Foetus.
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology : en prensa (2017)
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Jespersen, M. C., Peters, B., Nielsen, M. and Marcatili, P.
BepiPred-2.0: improving sequence-based B-cell epitope prediction using
Nucleic Acids Research : en prensa (2017)
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Jurtz, V. I., Rosenberg Johansen, A., Nielsen, M., Almagro Armenteros, J. J., Nielsen, H., Kaae Sonderby, C., Winther, O. and Kaae Sonderby, S.
An introduction to Deep learning on biological sequence data - Examples and solutions.
Bioinformatics 33(22): 3685-3690 (2017)
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Jurtz, V., Paul, S., Andreatta, M., Marcatili, P., Peters, B. and Nielsen, M.
NetMHCpan-4.0: Improved Peptide-MHC Class I Interaction Predictions Integrating Eluted Ligand and Peptide Binding Affinity Data.
Journal of Immunology : en prensa (2017)
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Kaiser, G. G., Mucci, N. C., Gonzalez, V., Sanchez, L., Parron, J. A., Perez, M. D., Calvo, M., Aller, J. F., Hozbor, F. A. and Mutto, A. A.
Detection of recombinant human lactoferrin and lysozyme produced in a bitransgenic cow.
Journal of Dairy Science 100(3): 1605-1617 (2017)
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Leal, E. S., Aucar, M. G., Gebhard, L. G., Iglesias, N. G., Pascual, M. J., Casal, J. J., Gamarnik, A. V., Cavasotto, C. N. and Bollini, M.
Discovery of novel dengue virus entry inhibitors via a structure-based approach.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 27(16): 3851-3855 (2017)
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Llames, M. E., Huber, P., Metz, S. and Unrein, F.
Interplay between stochastic and deterministic processes in the maintenance of alternative community states in Verrucomicrobia-dominated shallow lakes.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 93(7): (2017)
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Magnoni, L. J., Martos-Sitcha, J. A., Queiroz, A., Calduch-Giner, J. A., Goncalves, J. F. M., Rocha, C. M. R., Abreu, H. T., Schrama, J. W., Ozorio, R. O. A. and Perez-Sanchez, J.
Dietary supplementation of heat-treated Gracilaria and Ulva seaweeds enhanced acute hypoxia tolerance in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata).
Biol Open 6(6): 897-908 (2017)
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Magnoni, L. J., Salas-Leiton, E., Peixoto, M. J., Pereira, L., Silva-Brito, F., Fontinha, F., Goncalves, J. F., Wilson, J. M., Schrama, J. W. and Ozorio, R. O.
Dietary electrolyte balance affects growth performance, amylase activity and metabolic response in the meagre (Argyrosomus regius).
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 211: 8-15 (2017)
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Monteleone, M. C., Billi, S. C., Brocco, M. A. and Frasch, A. C.
Neural glycoprotein M6a is released in extracellular vesicles and modulated by chronic stressors in blood.
Scientific Reports 7(1): 9788 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Morris, W. E., Goldstein, J., Redondo, L. M., Cangelosi, A., Geoghegan, P., Brocco, M., Loidl, F. C. and Fernandez-Miyakawa, M. E.
Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin induces permanent neuronal degeneration and behavioral changes.
Toxicon 130: 19-28 (2017)
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Mucci, J., Carmona, S. J., Volcovich, R., Altcheh, J., Bracamonte, E., Marco, J. D., Nielsen, M., Buscaglia, C. A. and Aguero, F.
Next-generation ELISA diagnostic assay for Chagas Disease based on the combination of short peptidic epitopes.
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 11(10): e0005972 (2017)
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Mucci, J., Lantos, A.B., Buscaglia, C.A., Leguizamón, M.S. and Campetella, O.
The Trypanosoma cruzi surface, a nanoscale patchwork quilt.
Trends in Parasitology 33(2): 102-112 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Musikant, D., Ferri, G., Durante, I.M., Buscaglia, C.A., Altschuler, D.L. and Edreira, M.M.
Host Epac1 is required for cAMP-mediated invasion by Trypanosoma cruzi.
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 211: 67-70 (2017)

Nielsen, M. and Andreatta, M.
NNAlign: a platform to construct and evaluate artificial neural network models of receptor-ligand interactions.
Nucleic Acids Research : en prensa (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Nielsen, M., Connelley, T. and Ternette, N.
Improved Prediction of Bovine Leucocyte Antigens (BoLA) Presented Ligands by Use of Mass-Spectrometry-Determined Ligand and in Vitro Binding Data.
Journal of Proteome Research : en prensa (2017)
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Oliferuk, S., Perez, A., Martinez, V., Rodenas, R., Rubio, F. and Santa Maria, G. E.
How DELLAs Contribute to Control Potassium Uptake Under Conditions of Potassium Scarcity? Hypotheses and Uncertainties.
Plant Signal Behavior : en prensa (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Olmedo, G. M., Cerioni, L., Gonzalez, M. M., Cabrerizo, F. M., Volentini, S. I. and Rapisarda, V. A.
UVA Photoactivation of Harmol Enhances Its Antifungal Activity against the Phytopathogens Penicillium digitatum and Botrytis cinerea.
Frontiers in Microbiology 8: 347 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Olmedo, G.M., Cerioni, L., González, M.M., Cabrerizo, F.M., Rapisarda, V.A. and Volentini, S.I.
Antifungal activity of β-carbolines on Penicillium digitatum and Botrytis cinerea.
Food Microbiology 62: 9-14 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Ortiz, G. E., Ponce-Mora, M. C., Noseda, D. G., Cazabat, G., Saravalli, C., Lopez, M. C., Gil, G. P., Blasco, M. and Alberto, E. O.
Pectinase production by Aspergillus giganteus in solid-state fermentation: optimization, scale-up, biochemical characterization and its application in olive-oil extraction.
Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology 44(2): 197-211 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Osycka-Salut, C. E., Castellano, L., Fornes, D., Beltrame, J. S., Alonso, C. A. I., Jawerbaum, A., Franchi, A., Diaz, E. S. and Perez Martinez, S.
Fibronectin From Oviductal Cells Fluctuates During the Estrous Cycle and Contributes to Sperm-Oviduct Interaction in Cattle.
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 118(11): 4095-4108 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Pachano, T., Nievas, Y. R., Lizarraga, A., Johnson, P. J., Strobl-Mazzulla, P. H. and de Miguel, N.
Epigenetic Regulates Transcription and Pathogenesis in the Parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis.
Cellular Microbiology 19(6): en prensa (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Pascual, M. J., Merwaiss, F., Leal, E., Quintana, M. E., Capozzo, A. V., Cavasotto, C. N., Bollini, M. and Alvarez, D. E.
Structure-based drug design for envelope protein E2 uncovers a new class of bovine viral diarrhea inhibitors that block virus entry.
Antiviral Research : en prensa (2017)
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Pascuale, C. A., Burgos, J. M., Postan, M., Lantos, A. B., Bertelli, A., Campetella, O. and Leguizamon, M. S.
Inactive trans-Sialidase Expression in iTS-null Trypanosoma cruzi Generates Virulent Trypomastigotes.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 7: 430 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Pascuale, C.A., Burgos, J.M., Postan, M., Lantos, A., Bertelli, A., Campetella, O. And Leguizamón, M.S.
Inactive trans-sialidase expression in iTSnull Trypanosoma cruzi generates virulent trypomastigotes.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology : en prensa (2017)
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Perez Sirkin, D. I., Lafont, A. G., Kamech, N., Somoza, G. M., Vissio, P. G. and Dufour, S.
Conservation of Three-Dimensional Helix-Loop-Helix Structure through the Vertebrate Lineage Reopens the Cold Case of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone-Associated Peptide.
Frontiers in Endocrinology 8: 207 (2017)
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Perini, M. A., Sin, I. N., Villarreal, N. M., Marina, M., Powell, A. L., Martinez, G. A. and Civello, P. M.
Overexpression of the carbohydrate binding module from Solanum lycopersicum expansin 1 (Sl-EXP1) modifies tomato fruit firmness and Botrytis cinerea susceptibility.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 113: 122-132 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

Ramallo, M. R., Honji, R. M., Birba, A., Morandini, L., Varela, M. L., Genovese, G., Moreira, R. G., Somoza, G. M. and Pandolfi, M.
A game of two? Gene expression analysis of brain (cyp19a1b) and gonadal (cyp19a1a) aromatase in females of a Neotropical cichlid fish through the parental care period and removal of the offspring.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 252: 119-129 (2017)
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Ramallo, M. R., Morandini, L., Birba, A., Somoza, G. M. and Pandolfi, M.
From molecule to behavior: Brain aromatase (cyp19a1b) characterization, expression analysis and its relation with social status and male agonistic behavior in a Neotropical cichlid fish.
Hormones and Behavior 89: 176-188 (2017)

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Photophysical and Photochemical Properties of Naturally Cccurring normelinonine F and Melinonine F Alkaloids and Structurally Related N(2)- and/or N(9)-methyl-beta-carboline Derivatives.
Photochemistry and Photobiology : en prensa (2017)
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Unconventional Peptide Presentation by Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Class I Allele HLA-A*02:01: BREAKING CONFINEMENT.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292(13): 5262-5270 (2017)
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U-Omp19 from Brucella abortus Is a Useful Adjuvant for Vaccine Formulations against Salmonella Infection in Mice.
Frontiers in Immunology 8: 171 (2017)
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EcoGenetics: an R package for the management and exploratory analysis of spatial data in landscape genetics.
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Iron-dependent reconfiguration of the proteome underlies the intracellular lifestyle of Brucella abortus.
Scientific Reports 7(1): 10637 (2017)
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The EAL-domain protein FcsR regulates flagella, chemotaxis and type III secretion system in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by a phosphodiesterase independent mechanism.
Scientific Reports 7(1): 10281 (2017)
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Reactive oxygen species generated in chloroplasts contribute to tobacco leaf infection by the necrotrophic fungus Botrytis cinerea.
Plant Journal : en prensa (2017)
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Nucleic Acids Research : en prensa (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Citrullination only infrequently impacts peptide binding to HLA class II MHC.
PloS One 12(5): e0177140 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Combinatorial control of adhesion of Brucella abortus 2308 to host cells by transcriptional rewiring of the trimeric autotransporter btaE.
Molecular Microbiology 103(3): 553-565 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Environmental toxicology and chemistry in Latin America.
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Kisspeptins and their receptors in the brain-pituitary-gonadal axis of Odonthestes bonariensis: Their relationship with gametogenesis along the reproductive cycle.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 252: 209-218 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Kisspeptin system in pejerrey fish (Odontesthes bonariensis). Characterization and gene expression pattern during early developmental stages.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A: Molecular and Integrative Physiology 204: 146-156 (2017)

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Astrocyte apoptosis and HIV replication are modulated in host cells coinfected with Trypanosoma cruzi.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 7i: 345 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Arabidopsis HAP2/GCS1 is a gamete fusion protein homologous to somatic and viral fusogens.
Journal of Cell Biology 216(3): 571-581 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Metagenomic Analysis of Therapeutic PYO Phage Cocktails from 1997 to 2014.
Viruses 9(11): (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Prediction and in vitro verification of potential CTL epitopes conserved among PRRSV-2 strains.
Immunogenetics : en prensa (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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A comprehensive analysis of direct and photosensitized attenuation of Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology 177: 8-17 (2017)
Abstract - PDF - LINK - PubMed

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Intersex and liver alterations induced by long-term sublethal 25 exposure to 17α-ethinylestradiol in adult male Cnesterodon decemmaculatus (Pisces, Poeciliidae).
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Bioinformatics 33(4): 564-565 (2017)
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Shallow lakes from the Central Plains of Argentina: an overview and worldwide comparative analysis of their basic limnological features.

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No time for candy: passionfruit (Passiflora edulis) plants down-regulate damage-induced extra floral nectar production in response to light signals of competition

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Fast motility of the malaria transmission stage is essential for intra-dermal migration and triggered by the small heat-shock protein sHSP20.

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